Former Students
  1. Mick Smith (PhD Statistics, 2003)
------ (Assistant Professor at US Military Academy at Westpoint)
------ (Thesis: A Byesian Framework for Statistical, Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion)
  2. Rob Neher (PhD Statistics, 2004)
------ (Assistant Professor at AirForce Institute of Technology)
------ (Thesis: A Bayesian MRF Framework for Labelling Terrain Using Hyperspectral Images )
   3. Dave Kaziska (PhD Statistics, 2005)
------ (Assistant Professor at AirForce Institute of Technology)
------ (Thesis: Statistical Model of Human Shapes with Applications to Bayesian Image Segmentation and Gait Recognition)
   4. Evgenia Rubenshtein (PhD Statistics, 2006)
------ (Visiting Assistant Professor at Arkansas State University)
------ (Thesis: Optimal Linear Representations of Images Under Diverse Criteria)
  5. Shantanu Joshi (PhD EcE, 2007)
------ (Postdoc at LONI, UCLA)
------ (Thesis: Inferences in Shape Spaces with Applications to Image Analysis and Computer Vision}
   6. Chafik Samir (PhD CS, 2007)
------ (Postdoc at UCL, Belgium; Currently Associated Professor at Univ. of Claremont-Ferrand, France)
------ (Thesis: Analyse des deformations des visages 3D utilisant les chemins geodesiques dans l'espace des surfaces faciales)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Mohamed Daoudi, University of Lille I)
   7. Nikolay Balov (PhD Statistics, 2009)
------ (Postdoc at University of Rochester)
------ (Thesis: Covariance Fields on Manifolds)
   8. Moeti NCube (PhD Statistics, 2009)
------ (Researcher at Florida Power & Electric Company)
------ (Thesis: Stochastic Models and Inferences for Commodity Futures Pricing)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. James Doran, Dept of Finance, FSU)
   9. Muffasir Badshah (PhD Statistics, 2010)
------ (Assistant Professor at University of Qatar)
------ (Thesis: Computation of Wealth Distribution in Heterogeneous Agent Economy)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Paul Beaumont, Dept of Economics, FSU)
   10. Wei Liu (PhD Statistics, 2011)
------ (Thesis: A Riemannian Framework for Annotated Curve Analysis)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Jinfeng Zheng)
   11. Senti NCube (PhD Statistics, 2011)
------ (Researcher at Florida Power & Electric Company)
------ (Thesis: A Novel Riemannian Metric for Analyzing Spherical Functions with Applications to HARDI Data)
   12. Sebastian Kurtek (PhD Statistics, 2012)
------ (Assistant Professor at Ohio State University)
------ (Thesis: Riemannian Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces)
   13. Jingyong Su (PhD Statistics, 2013)
------ (Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University)
------ (Thesis: Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds)
   14. Jose Laborde (PhD Statistics, 2013)
------ (Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University)
------ (Elastic Shape Analysis of RNAs and Proteins)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Jinfeng Zhang)
   15. Darshan Bryner (PhD Statistics, 2013)
------ (Research Engineer at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City)
------ (2D Affine and Projective Shape Analysis, and Bayesian Elastic Active Contours)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Eric Klassen)
   16. Derek Tucker (PhD Statistics, 2014)
------ (Researcher at Sandia National Laboratories)
------ (Functional Component Analysis and Regression Using Elastic Methods)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Wei Wu)
   17. Michael Rosenthal (PhD Statistics, 2014)
------ (Research Engineer at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City)
------ (Parametric and Nonparametric Spherical Regression With Diffeomorphisms)
------ (Co-supervised with Prof. Wei Wu)
   18. Wade Henning (PhD Statistics, 2014)
------ (A Framework for Comparing Shape Distributions)
   19. Zhengwu Zhang (PhD Statistics, 2015)
------ (Postdoctoral Researcher at SAMSI, NC)
------ (Geometric Approaches for Analysis of Images, Densities, and Trajectories on Manifolds)
   20. Qian Xie (PhD Statistics, 2015)
------ (Works at Amazon)
------ (Tools for Statistical Analysis on Shape Spaces of Three-Dimensional Objects.)
Current Students
    Adam Duncan (Statistics)
    Megan Duncan (Statistics)
    Kyungmin (Mike) Ahn (Statistics)
    Sutanoy Dasgupta (Statistics)
    Xiaoming Dong (Statistics)
    Ruiyi Zhang (Statistics)
Visiting Students: Current and Past
    Aastha Jain (from IIT, Delhi, India, 2005)
    Hassen Drira (from LIFL, Lille, France, 2009)
    Meena Mani (from VISAGES, IRISA, France, 2009)
    Hongquan Sun (from Beijing Normal University, China, 2009)
    Gregoire Kerr (from INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2010)
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