My name is Antonio Linero; welcome to my website! I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Florida State University. I completed my PhD in Statistics at the University of Florida, under the direction of Professor Hani Doss and Professor Michael Daniels. I received my B.S. from the University of Florida where I studied Finance.


My research is broadly focused on developing flexible Bayesian methods. My work has focused on developing appropriate Bayesian methods for complex longitudinal data, as well as developing model selection tools within the Bayesian nonparametric framework for high dimensional problems. I am also pursuing research in Bayesian nonparametrics for causal inference.

A related stream of work concerns developing Bayesian methods for the analysis of incompletely observed data, which is potentially missing not at random (MNAR). MNAR missingness introduces identifiability problems, which raises serious questions about how to conduct causal inference in, e.g., a randomized clinical trial. The Bayesian approach provides, on the one hand, benefits for conducting inference in the presence of unidentifiability, but on the other hand Bayesian methods may possess suboptimal frequentist properties unless one is very careful.