STA 3014 Team Project
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The project is a way for you to make sense out of data for yourselves and communicate the results to others. In general, you must motivate why the statistical study is important, go through data gathering, data summarization, data analysis, and discussion stages. Each of these elements must be addressed in both the written report and the class presentation.

Written Report (140 points)

The written report should be completed using word processing software and in which appropriate graphics are pasted. The written report should have an executive summary that is a one-page overview of the whole project. It should have brief statements that explain

  1. The motivation for the study,
  2. How the data was collected including sources,
  3. A statistical description of the data,
  4. A brief summary of your statistical analysis, and
  5. Conclusions drawn.
The rest of the report includes sections labeled Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. These sections should expand on the executive summary. See the handout, Proposal Part B, for descriptions.

Consider the following guidelines in producing your report:

In-Class Presentation (30 points)

The class presentation will focus on a verbal summary of your written report.

Your grade will be based on completeness, clarity, technical correctness, originality, and support materials (visual aids, software output, etc.). Professionalism is of utmost importance in your presentation. Think of your team as a provider of statistical services for business and you are demonstrating your competence. Your presentation and write-up should make the case for your team to be hired on a future project.