Recent Advances in Statistical Analysis of Imaging Data

Sponsors: ASA Section on Imaging and Florida State University

Workshop Dates: December 4 – December 5, 2020

Fully Virtual -- Zoom Based Single Track Meeting

Workshop Motivation
Imaging data has become increasingly important in our scientific and daily lives . It is one of the most important sources of data in our data-centric society. While there is some involvement of imaging data in statistics literature -- e.g. fMRI part of neuroimaging -- a broad majority of potential areas -- computer vision/AI, forensics, biology, smart city, robotics, etc., remain unexplored in the statistics community. This workshop will highlight overview talks from domain experts in these areas of broad interests.

The main goals of the workshop are:

  • To highlight the growing importance of imaging data and statistical analyses in our data-driven society.
  • To promote this trans-disciplinary research direction in statistics and related communities.
  • To encourage participation from and to provide guidance to younger statisticians who are seeking directions for future research and careers.

    The two-day workshop will feature plenary and invited talks and contributed papers. The workshop will also feature participation from industrial experts. The workshop will be held on Dec 4-5th, 2020 (Friday and Saturday) and we will keep the workshop hours limited to allow for audience to participate effectively from home offices.

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