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 Applying to the Department
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NOTE: The department of Statistics typically offers admission only in Fall terms. The deadline for applications for admission for Fall terms is July 1st. For financial aid consideration appliations are due Feburary 1st.

All graduate applicants should apply online at http://admissions.fsu.edu/graduate/

The online application system will ask you for information that is needed both by our department and by the university.

General Graduate Program Information:

Entrance Requirements:

The minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the Department of Statistics for graduate study are the following:

You must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with at least a "B" average. A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is the minimal requirement for admission.

You must have good grades in a three- or four-semester calculus sequence and a semester of linear algebra. Course work in statistics and probability is helpful, but not required. Two semesters of advanced calculus (intermediate analysis, real analysis with proofs) is needed for timely entrance into the Ph.D. program.

Standardized Exams The School code for GRE and TOEFL is: 5219


The minimum scores accepted are:
Quantitative Reasoning (Q) score: 155
Verbal Reasoning (V) score: 146

The AVERAGE GRE scores of students who were admitted in Fall 2015 were
Quantitative Reasoning (Q) score: 165
Verbal Reasoning (V) score: 148

Quantitative Reasoning (Q) score: 165
Verbal Reasoning (V) score: 149

The AVERAGE GRE scores of students who were awarded assistantships in Fall 2015 were
Quantitative Reasoning (Q) score: 162
Verbal Reasoning (V) score: 168

Quantitative Reasoning (Q) score: 165
Verbal Reasoning (V) score: 156
Scores will be considered by the department for up to 5 years after the exam is taken.


If your native language is not English, you must score at least a 90 with a speaking score of at least 23 on the internet-based TOEFL examination (if you wish to receive an assistantship).

If you do not need funding, you must score at least an 80 on the internet-based TOEFL examination for admission.

Other English Tests and their minium scores accepted are:

  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB): 80
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS):   7.0
    TOEFL WAIVER: If you have a degree (BS, MS, or higher) from a US school or a country where English is the native language, the University's TOEFL score requirement can be waived. However, all international students who are receiving an assistantship that scored 25 or below on the TOEFL speaking section will be required to take a SPEAK test given by FSU in early August.

    Required Documentation - you will be asked for in the online application

  • Assistant Application: This form will be provided within the online application
  • Letters of Recommendation: There are 3 required, preferably academic and/or professional letters
  • Resume and/or Curriculum Vitaw: includ all relevant academic and work experience
  • Statement of Purpose: a 1-3 page statement describing your background, accomplishments, and goals
  • Unofficial Trancript(s)

    Optional Documentation - you can include in your online application to expedite the review process

  • Unofficial score reports

  • Financial Aid Information:

    We will consider an applicant's eligibility for a departmental teaching or research assistantship during the evaluation for admission. Initial financial aid decisions will be made on or before April 1st of each year with an April 15th deadline for those receiving offers. More information on financial aid availability including university fellowships and external souces of aid can be found at http://gradschool.fsu.edu/Funding-Awards.

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    Email webmaster@stat.fsu.edu

    Office: 214 OSB
    117 N. Woodward Ave.
    P.O. Box 3064330
    Tallahassee, FL

    Phone: (850) 644-3218

    Fax: (850) 644-5271

    Admissions Inquiries: info@stat.fsu.edu

    Advising Issues: Stat Advising