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 Student Awards
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Ralph A. Bradley Award Yongyuan and Anna Li Award
The Ralph A. Bradley Student Award

Initiated in 1979, the Ralph A. Bradley Award is for a Ph.D. graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement. The award includes a cash prize and recognition on a plaque in the Frank Wilcoxon Memorial Reading Room. Awardees (and their current affiliations) are:

2008  Dr. Jon Norton (US FDA) and Dr. Fei Tan (Florida A&M University

2007  Dr. Mahtab Marker (Schering-Plough, New Jersey)

2006  Dr. Radu Herbei (Ohio State University)

2004  Dr. Robert Neher(US Air Force)

2003  Dr. Feiming Chen (Spectra Marketing Systems, Inc., Chicago, IL)

2002 Dr. Yichuan Zhao (Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA)

2001 Dr. Shaojun Zhang (Division of Banking and Finance, Nanyang Technological University,Singapore)

2000 Dr. Tom Jagger (MathSoft, Seattle, WA)

1998 Dr. Mourad Tighiouart (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University)

1997 Dr. Jeffrey Stein (General Electric, Corporate Research and Development Headquarters)

1995 Dr. Crisanto Dorado (Department of Statistics, University of Missouri)

1994 Dr. Hulin Wu (Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc., Harvard University)

1993 Dr. Yanqing Sun (Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina)

1991 Co-Awardees.
            Dr. B. Narasimhan (Department of Statistics, Stanford University)
            Dr. T.V. Kurien (Bellcore, New Jersey)

1989 Dr. Brett D. Presnell (Department of Statistics, University of Florida)

1988 Dr. James H. Clair (Merek, Sharpe and Dohme Pharmaceuticals, Harleysville, PA)

1986 Co-Awardees.
            Dr. Edsel A. Peña (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Bowling Green State University)
            Dr. James A. Sconing (American College Testing Program, Iowa City, Iowa)

1985 Dr. Wai T. Chan (Digital Equipment Corporation, Andover, Massachusetts)

1984 Dr. Frank M. Guess (Department of Statistics, University of Tennessee)

1982 Dr. Harry S. Joe (Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia)

1981 Dr. Carlos A. B. Pereira (Universidade de Sao Paulo)

1980 Dr. Richard M. Fagerstrom, Jr. (Bell Communications Research, Red Bank, New Jersey)

1979 Dr. Ramón V. León (Department of Statistics, University of Tennessee)

The Yongyuan and Anna Li Award
The Yongyuan and Anna Li Award was created in 1997 in memory of Yongyuan Li, one of our promising Ph.D. candidates, who died from cancer.  The Yongyuan and Anna Li Award is given each year to the graduate student who delivers the best student colloquium.  The award includes a cash prize and recognition on a plaque in the Department of Statistics Commons Room.  Awardees, the title of their talk and major professor are:

1997-98    Dr. Mourad Tighiouart    .Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Survival data.  (I. W. McKeague)

1998-99    Blake Whitten     .Likelihood Analysis of Space-Time Regression Models in the Presence of Missing Data.  (I. W. McKeague)

1999-00  Tom Jagger .Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Hierarchical Models Using Monte Carlo Methods. (X.-F. Niu)

2000-01 Co-awardees:

Seo-Eun Choi .A Statistical Approach to the Ocean Circulation Inverse  Problem. (I.W. McKeague)

& Blake Whitten .Parametric Models for Multivariate Missing-data Problems with  Applications  to Classical Likelihood Estimation. (I.W. McKeague)

2001-02  Michael Smith "Data Fusion for an Army Application" (Anuj Srivastava)

2002-03  Co-awardees:

                Michael Smith "Bayesian Sensor Fusion in a Military Setting " (Anuj Srivastava)

                & Mahtab Munshi "Automated Classification of Cardiac ECG Images Using Generalized Laplacian Model"


2004  Robert Neher (Anuj Srivastava)


2005  Billy Franks and Mahtab Munshi


2006  Jianghua He


2007  Mahtab Marker


2008  Yang Liu

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