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 The Undergraduate Program
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As a Statistician, one's mathematical expertise becomes utilized and enriched, and one's study of mathematics becomes oriented toward useful purposes in society. Significant opportunities may be found in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the biological and health sciences, the political arena, the business and financial world, communications, computing, engineering, manufacturing and industry. Explore your probabilities for success in our undergraduate program.

  • 5-Year Combined BS/MS Degree in Statistics
  • The Undergraduate Major in Statistics at FSU
  • The Undergraduate Minor in Statistics at FSU
  • Undergraduate Handbook for Statistics
  • Certificate in SAS Programming and Data Analysis
  • More about the B.S. in Statistics
  • Course descriptions
  • Some Sample Programs of Study
  • Checklist of Course Requirements for Undergraduate Majors
  • What is Statistics?
  • Careers in Statistics
  • Junior College Preparation for the Program
  • Other Aspects of the Undergraduate Program (Honors Program, Computing, and Research)

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