PhD Students

  • Yuqing Pan (FSU, 2015–2019; Microsoft, 2019–present)
    Thesis (co-advised with Q. Mai): High-dimensional statistical methods for tensor data and efficient algorithms
    Yuqing Pan received the R. A. Bradley Award for the Best PhD Dissertation in the department during the year 2018–2019.

  • Wenjing Wang (FSU, 2015–2019; Microsoft, 2019–present)
    Thesis (co-advised with M. Tao): Envelopes, subspace learning and applications


  • STA 5934 Tensor Data Analysis Spring 2020

  • STA 5167: Statistics in Application II: Applied Linear Regression. Spring 2020 (last time taught)

  • STA 5934 Envelopes and Subspace Learning Fall 2018

  • STA 4322/5325: Mathematical Statistics. Spring 2017

  • STA 4321/5323: Introductory Mathematical Statistics. Fall 2016 (last time taught)

  • STA 4442/5440: Introductory Probability. Fall 2014

  • Class Websites: please visit the CANVAS to find course materials (also available upon request).

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