Selected Papers and Research Topics

Tensor Data Analysis

Envelope Models and Methods

Dimension Reduction

Journal Publications and Accepted Papers



Other Publications

  • Q. Mai and X. Zhang (2020+), Statistical Methods for Tensor Data Analysis (Invited Book Chapter), Springer Handbook of Engineering Statistics 2nd Edition.

  • X. Zhang (2020), Invited Discussion on ‘‘Review of sparse sufficient dimension reduction’’, Statistical Theory and Related Fields, 4, 146–148.

  • X. Zhang (2013), New developments for net-effect plots, WIREs: Computational Statistics, 5, 105–113.


Research is or has been supported by the National Science Foundation (Comm & Information Foundations, CDS&E-MSS, Statistics) and the National Institutes of Health (NIDCR). I am currently PI of the grants NSF-DMS-2053697, NSF-DMS-2113590, and NIH-R03-DE030509.

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