Statistics, the Impact of Big Data

        - 60th Anniversary of the Department of Statistics (1959-2019)

Program Book in PDF

Program: Turnbull Conference Center

Friday, 4/12: (Room 103, simulcast in Room 101)
   12:30-1:00pm       REGISTRATION
   1:00-1:05pm       OPENING REMARK (Associate Dean Timothy Logan)
   1:05-1:10pm WELCOME SPEECH (Department Chair Xufeng Niu)
   1:10-2:30pm SESSION I (Session Chair: Jararam Sethuraman)
   SPEAKERS: Gregory Campbell, Michael Schell, Hulin Wu, Yichuan Zhao
   2:30-3:00pm BREAK
   3:00-4:20pm SESSION II (Session Chair: Robert Clickner)
   SPEAKERS: Larry Crow, Douglas Jones, James Lynch, Barbara Stevens
   4:20-4:40pm BREAK
   4:40-6:00pm SESSION III (Session Chair: Douglas Zahn)
   SPEAKERS: Edsel Pena, Benedikt Johannesson, John Robinson, Rao Chaganty
   6:00-7:00pm BREAK and GROUP PHOTOS
   7:00-9:30pm BANQUET (Session Chair: Wei Wu)
   BANQUET TALK by Blanton Godfrey
Saturday, 4/13: (Parallel sessions in Rooms 103 and 101)
   8:30-9:00am         BREAKFAST
   9:00-10:20am SESSION IV-A (Session Chair: Fred Huffer)
   SPEAKERS: Balasubramanian Narasimhan, Stephen Lee, Shanti Gomatam, Ivo Dinov
   SESSION IV-B (Session Chair: Xufeng Niu)
   SPEAKERS: Leif Ellingson, Naomi Brownstein, Derek Tucker, Mingfei Qiu
   10:20-11:00am BREAK and GROUP PHOTOS
   11:00-12:00pm SESSION V-A (Session Chair: Daniel McGee)
   SPEAKERS: Michiko Wolcott, Billy Franks, Ryan Scolnik
   SESSION V-B (Session Chair: Lifeng Lin)
   SPEAKERS: Guanyu Hu, Kumaresh Dhara, Xin Li
   12:00-1:00pm PIZZA LUNCH