Statistics, the Impact of Big Data

        - 60th Anniversary of the Department of Statistics (1959-2019)

Program Sketch:

Friday, 4/12:
   1:00-1:15pm OPENING REMARKS
   1:15-2:30pm SESSION I
   2:30-3:00pm BREAK
   3:00-4:20pm SESSION II
   4:20-4:40pm BREAK
   4:40-6:00pm SESSION III
   6:00-7:00pm BREAK
   7:00-9:00pm BANQUET
Saturday, 4/13:
   8:30-9:00am BREAKFAST
   9:00-10:00am SESSION IV
   10:00-10:40am BREAK and GROUP PHOTOS
   10:40-12:00pm SESSION V
   12:00-1:00pm PIZZA LUNCH