Statistics, the Impact of Big Data

        - 60th Anniversary of the Department of Statistics (1959-2019)

Confirmed Speakers:

  1. Gregory Campbell Statistical Methodologies for Big Data in Biomedicine
  2. Rao Chaganty Models for selecting differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments
  3. Larry Hart Crow Estimating System Reliability After Corrective Actions With Limited Data
  4. Kumaresh Dhara Variable Selection in Bayesian Cluster Analysis
  5. Ivo Dinov DataSifter: Sharing of Sensitive Data via Statistical Obfuscation
  6. Leif Ellingson Classification of protein binding sites using their structural information via object data analysis
  7. Blanton Godfrey Statistical Challenges in Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality
  8. Guanyu Hu Subsampled Bayesian Approach for Big Data
  9. Thomas Jagger Data mining global climate model outputs for predicting the distribution of extreme weather events
  10. Benedikt Jóhannesson Does it help to have a Ph.D. in Statistics if you become Minister of Finance?
  11. Douglas Jones Bayesian Updating of Norm Tables and Optimal Design
  12. Stephen Sauchi Lee Text Mining
  13. James Lynch A Sketch of Some Stochastic Models and Analysis Methods for Fiber Bundle Failure under Increasing Tensile Load
  14. Greg McLaughlin Applied Statistics: Changing how we think about data
  15. Balasubramanian Narasimhan Tools for Convex Optimization
  16. Edsel Pena Multiple Confidence Regions
  17. John Robinson An Insurance Regulator's Concerns With Data Analytics
  18. Michael Schell Identifying The Most Impactful Statistical Literature
  19. Ryan Scolnik Annual FSU Statistics Department Data Science Competition
  20. James Derek Tucker Elastic Data Depth
  21. Michiko Wolcott Getting Started In The Culture Of Analytically Informed Decision Making
  22. Hulin Wu Big Data Challenges and Opportunities for Statisticians
  23. Yichuan Zhao Empirical likelihood for the bivariate survival function under univariate censoring